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    Hello! Welcome to my passionate artistic life!

Who is behind all this?

Talking about Sócrates Rízquez means talking about enamels and Hyper-Impresionism.

Almost unintentionally he is among the few artists in the world that paint right now with the enamel technique, and certainly, the only one that does it with such a level of perfection in his works.

He is also the artist who coined the Hyper-Impresionism style and is developing his work in this discipline with impressionist inspiration and close to hyperrealism results.

His work generally focuses on geometric urban landscapes. He does not seek an exact replica of something that already exists, but to show the structure of an ideal reality goes beyond the merely observed. Due to the nature of light his pictures become colorful puzzles where the viewer constructs the scene linking the details that compose it. His paintings, in medium format, are not intended to overwhelm the viewer but invites to look out putting them in a specific scenario, usually a mega-city.

A work of art must carry in itself its complete significance, and impose it upon the beholder even before he can identify the subject-matter.

Henri Matisse

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I have thought a lot about my style and this has allowed me to define and name it. Welcome to "HYPERIMPRESSIONISM".
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